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NSR Enroll & Release System

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NSR E&R systems have been deployed for over six years in law enforcement, providing a mission critical tool to officers at the local, state and federal levels. NSR systems are effective, easy to deploy and the most non-intrusive of biometric technologies. NSR E&R systems provide a number of benefits:

  • Alias Detection: Checking a detainee’s face against the database upon book in virtually eliminates their ability to assume an alias with false or forged ID’s.
  • Expedited processing of repeat offenders.
  • Safeguards against releasing the wrong prisoner. Employing NSR systems as part of an inmate release procedure prevents the release of the wrong prisoner, in spite of inmates’ best efforts to scam the release system.
  • Ease of use – identification procedures can be implemented unobtrusively.
  • Overlays the existing booking system by providing an additional element of biometric security.
  • Database can easily be deployed portably on NSR’s tablet PC based system for use by officers in patrol cars or in the field.
  • Systems include everything that a detention center needs – hardware, software, installation and training. Typically systems are up and running in 45 minutes.