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Speed, scalability, accuracy, intelligence, important privacy safeguards and mobility are the key qualities that differentiate NSR’s biometric systems from other biometric technologies. NSR’s All-Aspect (3D) facial recognition systems use a simple video enrollment process that creates a 3D holographic template that is unique to each individual. The video enrollment process is based on “holographic, quantum, neural” technology. During enrollment, the system captures 40,000 points of anatomical data on 50+ images of the subject. The system then processes this data and creates a holographic template unique to the individual that requires only 8K of data.

Typical recognition times of 2/10 of a second. Systems can scale to populations in the millions without system degradation.

Typical accuracy of 99.2% with no false positives. Scalable to populations in the millions while maintaining a split second “one to one” match capability. System termed “unspoofable” in one government agency test.

NSR systems learn, remember and recognize. They emulate the human brain in structure and function, becoming more familiar with your face each time it sees you, adjusting for differences due to aging and cosmetics without increasing the size of the biometric template beyond 8K of data.

NSR systems use the anatomical structure of the face – not skin color, facial hair or gender characteristics. There is no possibility of racial or gender profiling. Also, 2D photos in the public domain cannot create the 3D holographic template.

With the de minimus size of each biometric template (8K of data) the systems are ideal for deployment on mobile platforms. NSR currently offers a facial recognition system on a tablet PC platform.

See the system in action.

* Testing conducted in 2001.