All Aspect (3D) Facial Recognition and Identification Systems

National Security Resources, LLC (“NSR”) is a biometric systems provider that specializes in advanced 3D facial recognition systems. The NSR All-Aspect (3D) facial recognition systems (FRS) offer a technology that the company believes is superior to existing 2D FRS providing many capabilities that are simply not available with 2D systems. NSR systems can deliver an exact match to the subject being searched, whereas 2D systems typically can only deliver a “gallery” of potential matches. NSR FRS systems are scalable to populations in the millions without system degradation.

NSR facial recognition systems provide substantial benefits in identification speed, accuracy, privacy protections, mobility and safeguards against spoofing, and have been deployed in the field in US government installations since 2004.

NSR is currently delivering its FRS systems to law enforcement applications (enroll and release, alias detection, identification of repeat offenders, courtroom security), and physical access control applications (door and gateway access.) NSR is currently developing specialized facial recognition systems for new vertical market applications in healthcare, specialized physical access control, border security, intelligent surveillance and school safety.

NSR systems are delivered utilizing Windows based desktop, notebook, panel and tablet computers.

NSR sells its systems to government at the Federal, State and local levels, as well as to commercial enterprises, where recognitions and identifications absolutely, positively must be accurate.

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